The Speedy Global Mount secures the electric meter enclosure cover at both the side and/or bottom of the enclosure. Incorporated into the design is a unique four prong foot that bites into the inside wall of the enclosure minimizing movement after installation. No tools are required to install these mounts.

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Speedy Global Mounts

Speedy Global Mount With Plastic Seal Ferrule
Speedy I Lock, Bottom Mount With Plastic Seal Mount
Speedy I Lock, Side Mount With Plastic Seal Mount



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Advantages of Highfield’s Quick-Installing Electrical Panel Locks

Our Speedy Mounts for electrical panel lock housing are cost effective with a short ROI cycle, and compatible with industry standard length barrel locks as well as Highfield seal mounts. All three devices are manufactured from case-hardened carbon steel for added strength and a long service life, and install quickly without tools.

Benefits of Speedy Global Mount:

  • speedy global mount installed on an electrical panelLocks side and/or bottom of enclosure with plastic seal ferrule
  • Only one locking device required: simplifies stocking & keeps installation time to a minimum
  • Special 4-prong foot bites into inside wall of metal enclosure, minimizing movement after installation
  • 4-prong foot swivel feature optimizes positioning & maximizes strength
  • Plated for corrosion resistance
  • You can preload barrel locks, keys not required to install

Installing the Speedy Global Mount

  1. Line up the mounting bracket where desired
  2. Align the 4-prong foot using the swivel feature
  3. Press the 4-prong foot flush against the inside wall of the enclosure (side or bottom)
  4. Turn the mounting thumb screw clockwise until tight
  5. Replace the enclosure cover
  6. Place the lock housing over the bracket stud
  7. Install a standard length barrel lock to complete the installation

Benefits of Speedy Bottom Mount:

  • Easily secures the bottom of a ringless meter enclosure cover
  • Unique corner design locks off the bottom & side with one barrel lock

Installing the Speedy Bottom Mount

  1. speedy bottom mount installed on an electric meter enclosureChoose the location on the bottom of the enclosure & slide the bracket over the enclosure lip
  2. Replace the enclosure cover
  3. Place the lock housing over the racket stud
  4. Install the barrel lock in the housing and the installation is complete

Benefits of Speedy Side Mount:

  • Spring clip allows rapid installation on the side of any ringless meter enclosure
  • Spring clip holds device tightly in place after installation

Installing the Speedy Side Mount

  1. installing speedy side mount on an electrical panelLine up the spring clip bracket over the enclosure side panel & press down until it snaps into place
  2. Replace the enclosure cover
  3. Install a standard length barrel lock to complete the installation

Electric Meter Enclosure Security with Fast & Easy Installation

Choose our Speedy Mounts when you need a cost-effective locking device with minimal installation time. Contact Highfield online with any questions about selecting the right ringless electric meter lock for your application, or request a quote today:

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