Highfield Utility Padlocks are available in two integral styles (REVPRO® & Preloaded padlocks include the lock cylinder as an integral part of the padlock assembly) and one universal style which is compatible with any standard length utility barrel lock. Our barrel lock and key systems are manufactured with plated and case hardened components for corrosion protection and a longer service life. They are available in copper, cadmium or chromate finishes for quick and easy visual identification.

Applications | Advantages

electric icon gas icon telecommunications icon water icon Universal Utility Padlock

Universal Utility Padlocks

electric icon gas icon telecommunications icon water icon Integral REVPRO® Padlock

Integral REVPRO® Padlocks

electric icon gas icon telecommunications icon water icon Preloaded one-piece padlock

Preloaded Padlocks

Use Cases for Utility Padlocks

Highfield’s Utility Padlocks have been designed specifically for use on electric, gas and water distribution systems, and can also be used on telecommunications equipment. Among the many possible applications, our utility padlocks can be used to secure:

  • Wing type valves
  • Electric meter installations
  • Electrical switchgear installations
  • CT cabinets
  • Metal or ABS enclosures
  • Other assorted enclosures/equipment with a latch or provision for a padlock

Advantages of Highfield Utility Padlocks

Our durable utility padlocks are designed to resist the elements as well as physical attack, protecting utility systems against tampering and theft of service. Additional benefits include: 

  • Simple design for ease of installation
  • Case hardened steel construction throughout, with corrosion-resistant plating
  • Shackle heights available in two sizes (short/long)
  • Shackle diameters available in two sizes (diameter varies by model)
  • Reduce the number of keys carried by field personnel
  • Custom keying available on request 

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