Utility Lock Removal Kits & Accessories

Kits and accessories from Highfield are engineered to provide operating field personnel with a safe, efficient, lightweight tools for installation, repair, removal or added protection of meter rings, ringless meter sockets, wiring troughs, CT cabinets and other assorted enclosures in your system.

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Utility Lock Installation Kits

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Utility Lock Removal Kits

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Utility End Caps & Plugs

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Lock Extractor Kit

Highfield Utility Lock Tool Kits

Lock Removal:

  • Removal Highfield front entry meter rings
  • Removal of inoperative barrel locks 

Lock Installation: 

  • External locking device installation

Accessories include end caps for barrel locks and plugs.

Types of Utility Meter Locking Kits

Ensure optimal levels of utility safety and security with Highfield’s three distinct types of utility padlocks: 

For Electrical Utilities

For All Utilities (Gas, Water, Electrical, & Telecommunications Applications)

Applicable Industries 

Electric | Gas | Water | Telecommunications