Meter Locking Rings

Manufactured from carbon or stainless steel, Highfield‘s meter rings provide the highest level of security for electric utility meter boxes. We offer a hinged design and a solid design. Both designs are simple to install due to available preloaded options. 

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Use Cases for Meter Locking Rings

Highfield’s line of meter locking rings are manufactured to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements for electricity meters and provide maximum protection against theft of service and meter tampering for ring type meter enclosures. 

How do meter locking rings work?

Highfield’s series of meter locking rings each have a machined lock housing that accepts Highfield’s line of Utility Security Barrel Locks as well as most barrel locks in the market. 

How are meter locking rings different from ringless meter locks? 

Meter locking rings and ringless meter locks perform the exact same function. The largest difference between meter locking rings and ringless meter locks outside of their shape is how they’re installed. When a meter locking ring is installed on an electric meter box, the electric box cover is installed before the actual meter device, whereas when a ringless meter lock is installed on an electric meter box, the cover is removed prior to the actual meter device installation.

​​With the electric meter box cover installed the installation process is safer for electricians. In the event that an electrician’s hand slips during installation, the cover will prevent contact with live wires.  

Benefits of Highfield Meter Locking Rings

The wide rear flange in most of Highfield’s meter locking rings is notched for easy installation without hand tools. In addition to this, Highfield offers rings made from stainless steel that are well-suited for areas where salt water and moist conditions exist offering years of corrosion-free and dependable service. 

Other advantageous features include: 

  • Easy Installation: No key required. 
  • Dynamic: accommodates AMI and AMR meter installations
  • Safeguard: Highfield’s rings accommodate a range of seal types including but not limited to: a side mounted seal tab or slotted seal ferrule to eliminate risk of tampering. 
  • Material: Construction is corrosion resistant and available in stainless steel, plated steel, and case hardened carbon steel finishes.
  • Cost-Effective

Applicable Industries:

Electric Utility Companies