Meter Locking Rings

Manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel, our cost-effective meter rings provide the highest level of security for electric utility meter boxes. We offer both hinged and solid designs, with preloaded options for easier installation. All Highfield meter lock rings are ideal for individual residential sockets and multi-family housing meter panels. 

Applications | Advantages

electric icon Armor front entry electric meter lock ring

Armor Front Entry Rings

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Snap Lock Rings

Meter Sealing Rings for Power Utility Security

Power_Utility.pngHighfield’s line of meter locking rings are manufactured to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements for electricity meters and provide maximum protection against theft of service and meter tampering for electric utility ring-type meter enclosures. 

Each meter locking ring has a machined lock housing that accepts Highfield’s line of utility security barrel locks as well as most other barrel locks in the market.

Advantages of Highfield Electric Meter Ring Locks

The wide rear flange in most of Highfield’s meter locking rings is notched for easy installation without hand tools. Highfield also offers stainless steel rings that are well suited for areas exposed to salt water and/or moisture. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy installation with no key required
  • Locking rings accommodate AMI & AMR meter installations
  • Compatible with a range of seal types including but not limited to side-mounted seal tabs & slotted seal ferrules 
  • Corrosion resistant construction available in stainless steel, plated steel & case hardened carbon steel finishes

Highfield also manufactures a front-entry meter ring lock removal kit as well as barrel lock extractor kits for all types of security hardware.