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Gas, Water & Electric Utility Revenue Protection

Welcome to Highfield Manufacturing. We’re a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of nationally distributed utility security products that make meter locks for water, gas, electric and telecommunication applications inaccessible for tamperers and safe from hardware deterioration.

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Highfield Manufacturing Company is a leading global, ISO 9001:2015 certified, supplier of high-quality locking systems for the electric, gas, water and telecommunications utility industries. Our complete line of locking and hardware devices meet our customers’ growing need for security, safety and maximum protection against meter tampering and theft of service.

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First, Find your industry.

Not sure where to start? We’ve made it simple for you to sort product types by industry use case. 

Electric Utility, power lines


Our products for electric utilities provide the highest protection against tampering, theft and loss of revenues. 

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Gas Utility


Our products for gas utilities are all designed to protect revenues by minimizing theft of service and preventing meter tampering or bypassing.

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Water Utility


We provide water utilities the product they need to protect revenues by minimizing theft of service and preventing meter tampering or bypassing.

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Telecommunications Utility


Our telecommunications utility security products are a durable solutions that maximize security and provide superior tampering protection.

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Second, Select a Security Part Type.

Not sure what locking requirements your application needs? Don’t stress. Shop our full array of utility security solution part types to get a better feel for what your system specifications are.

Then, Pick Your Product.

After you select a security part type, Highfield will provide you with a product specifications sheet that will provide you with a list of series part numbers, features, benefits and a detailed material description. 

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