Gas Meter Swivels

Putting too much pressure on a gas connector for too long will cause it to break, and therefore the gas line to break. 

Highfield’s gas meter swivels function individually as an industrial adaptor that connects a gas meter to piping and allows it to rotate with increased movement by providing 360 degrees of motion. This ultimately reduces stress on the gas connector which prolongs service life and sustains a safe, secure connection. 

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Swivel and Swivel Adapters

1/2" N.P.T. x 5 LT. x 1" Offset x 3" Height
1/2" N.P.T. x 10 LT. x 3" Offset x 4" Height
Offset Meter Swivel-1A-1/2NPT
Swivel 3/4X1A Sprg. X 3 Offset
3/4" x 10 LT. x 1-1/4" Offset x 3-5/16" Height
30 Lt. Swivel Adapter for 30 Lt. Gas Valve
1-1/4" N.P.T. x 45 LT. x 1" Offset x 4" Height
45 Lt. Swivel Adapter for 45 LT. Gas Valve


Use Cases for Gas Swivels

Natural gas swivels allow for increased pivoting capabilities and convenient positioning of any additional industrial gas adaptors, which creates easy operation for homeowners and utility service companies. 

  • Commercial Gas Swivels - gas swivels for commercial applications helps prevent unnecessary mechanical pressure on gas line piping which result in hazardous conditions due to failure.  

How do gas meter swivels work? 

Standard industrial gas swivel fittings can be categorized into four basic types depending on available space and application requirements:  

  1. Inline: also referred to as “straight-through swivels,” reduced risk of hose torque and gas flow restriction while rotating up to 90 degrees.  
  2. Elbow: right-angle swivels are designed with the ability to rotate up to 90 degrees. 
  3. Ball-socket: also referred to as “ball swivels” or “spherical bearings” help support misalignment and increase fit with a ball joint rod end. 
  4. Orbital: also referred to as “offset swivels,” rotate 360 degrees.  

Highfield’s line of meter swivels and swivel parts are manufactured in an orbital style to simplify and secure the connection between piping and gas meters, while providing 360 degrees range of motion. 

Benefits of Highfield Gas Meter Swivels

Gas meter swivel joints from Highfield can be used in rigid, complex piping scenarios or more malleable hose systems in virtually any building, which decreases long-term maintenance costs. 

  • Easy Installation
  • Dynamic: thread sizes range from 1/2” NPT to 1-1/4” NPT to accommodate the appropriate inner diameter within the swivel
  • Can be used in rigid, complex piping scenarios
  • Decreases long-term maintenance costs

Applicable Industries: 


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