Gas Meter Swivels

Gas meter swivels and swivel adapters are used to connect gas meters with rigid natural gas piping systems on commercial or residential properties. Too much stress on a gas connector can compromise the connection or break a supply line, leading to gas leaks. Highfield’s gas meter swivels function as industrial adaptors that connect a gas meter to piping and allow it to rotate with 360 degrees of motion. This reduces stress on the gas connector, prolongs the service life of all components, and maintains a secure connection. 

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Swivel & Swivel Adapters

1/2" N.P.T. x 5 LT. x 1" Offset x 3" Height - Swivel & Swivel Adapters
1/2" N.P.T. x 5 LT. x 1" Offset x 3" Height
1/2" N.P.T. x 10 LT. x 3" Offset x 4" Height
Offset Meter Swivel-1A-1/2NPT
Swivel 3/4X1A Sprg. X 3 Offset
3/4" x 10 LT. x 1-1/4" Offset x 3-5/16" Height
30 Lt. Swivel Adapter for 30 Lt. Gas Valve
1-1/4" N.P.T. x 45 LT. x 1" Offset x 4" Height
45 Lt. Swivel Adapter for 45 LT. Gas Valve


Advantages of Highfield’s Meter Swivels

As the meter connection in gas meter sets, natural gas meter swivels must be durable and reliable to ensure safety. With over 80 years of experience, Highfield Manufacturing Company serves gas utility companies by providing a cost-effective, high-quality meter swivel that can withstand the harshest of environmental conditions. With one central location for design, manufacturing, assembly and testing we’re able to provide dependable products at a lower cost with reduced lead times.

Additional benefits include:

  • Series includes 8 different product variations
  • Manufactured from malleable cast iron for strength & durability
  • Compatible with standard gas meter connections & meter nuts
  • Suitable for a wide range of gas meter connection applications
  • Swivels have MNPT fitting; kits with female threaded coupling available

Highfield assembles customized kits comprised of our gas valves and swivels which are guaranteed to fit each other precisely. Custom configurations allow for more attractive gas meter sets, reduce the number of potential leak paths, and ensure a level installation of your meter for ease of service. We also manufacture gas meter nuts and meter nut plugs, as well as tamper-proof meter swivel nut locks and meter union clamps.

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