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The Advantage of Partnering with Highfield

Our products for electric utilities provide the highest protection against tampering, theft and loss of revenues. Our wide range of products are designed to protect your infrastructure. They are made from a variety of material to protect all meter styles no matter the environment.

Security Solutions

#6 and #6A Barrel Lock and Key System

#6 Barrel Lock & Key System

Paladin Barrel Lock and Key System

Paladin Barrel Lock & Key System

Revpro Barrel Lock and Key System

REVPRO® Barrel Lock & Key System

Armor Front Entry Ring

Armor Front Entry Rings

Adjustable Minute Meter Guard

Adjustable Minute Meter Guards

Integral Pan Tab Lock

Integral Pan Tab Locks

Minute Meter Guard

Minute Meter Guards

Panel Lock

Panel Locks

Speedy Global Mount

Speedy Global Mounts

Shackle Lockseal Assembly

Shackle Lock Seal Assemblies

Universal Utility Padlock

Universal Utility Padlocks

Preloaded Padlock

Preloaded Padlocks

Integral REVPRO Padlock

Integral REVPRO® Padlocks

Installation Kit

Installation Kits

Front Entry Ring Removal Kit

Front Entry Ring Removal Kits

Lock Extractor Kit

Lock Extractor Kits



Meter Locking Rings vs. Ringless Meter Locks

Ringless meter locks and meter locking rings do the same thing: they prevent tampering and theft of service. Besides their shape, the difference is how they’re installed on the electrical enclosure box.

For ring-style metering devices, the enclosure cover is installed before the metering device is installed on the meter socket base. A ring secures the metering device in place by attaching to the meter housing and the meter curl (the raised rim around the opening in the cover).

With the electric meter box cover installed, the installation process is safer for electricians. In the event that an electrician’s hand slips during installation, the cover will prevent contact with live wires.  

For ringless metering devices, the metering device is installed before the cover. Then a ringless locking mechanism is secured to the cover on the side, bottom, or both. The advantage to this approach is that working with the cover off allows the electrician to identify short circuits and other equipment defects prior to meter installment.

In either case, the locking device protects the electric meter against tampering and electricity theft.

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