Minute Meter Guard are engineered to quickly secure meter sockets or enclosures in a variety of positions with limited working space. These locking devices provide maximum protection against meter tampering for ringless electric meter sockets and other assorted sheet metal enclosures, and are compatible with all standard barrel locks.

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Minute Meter Guards

Minute Meter Guard - Use Standard Barrel Lock - Minute Meter Guards
Minute Meter Guard - Use Standard Barrel Lock



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Advantages of Highfield’s Standard Minute Meter Guard

Our Minute Meter Guard for ringless electric meter sockets features a field-proven, patented design that assures the highest degree of reliability at a minimal cost. We also offer a version with an extended stud flange (part no. 93380316).

Additional benefits include:

  • Constructed from case-hardened steel & heavy-duty angle iron with high-tensile welds to resist physical attack
  • Cadmium & chromate plated for corrosion resistance
  • Thousands of factory-registered key codes
  • Lock housing machined from solid bar stock
  • Slotted seal ferrule is an integral part of the lock housing. It accepts wire seals & plastic seal caps to further discourage tampering.
  • Barrel lock is totally encased by lock housing.
  • Compatible with all standard barrel locks, including the Highfield #6 barrel lock. Also available with REVPRO® high security locking systems to avoid breach of security by unauthorized keys.

How to Install the Minute Meter Guard

  1. two electric meter guards installed on meta enclosurePunch a 13/32" (.406”) diameter hole 11/8" from front wall of meter socket or enclosure, using the proper portable Highfield punching tool
  2. Insert bolt through the back-up bar & the punched hole from the inside of the socket / enclosure.
  3. Thread the stud onto the bolt so the cross hole in the stud & the ends of the back-up bar are facing toward the cover of the box.
  4. Close the cover of the box.
  5. Slide the lock housing over the stud & fully insert the barrel lock.
  6. Apply seal if desired.

Electric Meter Guard for Security in Tight Spaces

Choose our Minute Meter Guard when you need to secure a ringless electric meter socket or metal enclosure in close quarters. Contact Highfield online with any questions about selecting the right ringless electric meter lock for your application, or request a quote today:

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