Utility Security Hardware 

Highfield offers a variety of security hardware solutions for the gas, water and electric utilities. Our products maximize security, prevent tampering, and safeguard lock-offs for any meter or valve. Our products are designed to protect revenues by minimizing theft of service and preventing meter tampering or bypassing.

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gas icon Clam Shell Clamp

Clam Shell Clamps

gas icon water icon Cast Wing Valve Protector

Cast Wing Valve Protectors

electric icon water icon Lockseal Assembly

Lockseal Assembly

gas icon water icon Shackle Lockseal Assembly

Shackle Lockseal Assembly

electric icon Snap Lock Assembly

Snap Lock Assembly

water icon Water Valve Guard

Water Valve Guards

gas icon Meter Union Guard

Meter Union Guards

gas icon Meter Union Clamp

Meter Union Clamps

gas icon water icon Lock Plugs & Caps - High Security

Lock Plugs & Caps - High Security

gas icon water icon Lock Plugs & Caps - Standard

Lock Plugs & Caps - Standard

Use Cases for Utility Security Hardware

Maximize your utility security investment with Highfield’s diverse line of quality-tested utility locks while ensuring meter safety standards are met. 

  • Gas Meter Security Hardware: choose from an assortment of locks formulated with high-grade cast steel alloy to avoid part damage caused by natural elements. Prevent unauthorized use of gas meters and readily provide evidence of tampering and other violations with Highfield’s lock seal assemblies
  • Water Meter Security Hardware: combine a low-profile utility lock plug or utility lock cap  with a barrel lock to secure open ended piping, meter bars, and service stops. 
  • Electrical Meter Security Hardware: use meter locking rings for electrical applications that require system specifications to meet American National Standard Institute (ANSI) for Electricity Meters standards.

Featured Benefits of Utility Security Hardware

Aside from protecting service revenue and safeguarding utilities from tampering, theft or damage, other advantageous include:

Easily Combine With Barrel Locks & Lock Seal Assemblies 

Highfield’s meter union clamps, depending on the utility application,  flexibly accept either lock seal assemblies or barrel locking systems to be secured in place upon install. 

Corrosion-Resistant Construction 

All security hardware and utility locks feature a highly durable plating to help eliminate risk of lock deterioration caused by rain, snow, heat, hail, and other natural elements. 

Replaces “One-Time” Use, Disposable Utility Locks

Shackle lock seals from Highfield are reusable and provide an environmentally-friendly long-term security solution alternative to disposable padlocks and seals while reducing overall maintenance costs. 

Hand-Tool-Free & Key-Free Installation  

Highfield’s meter locking rings include a notched flange on each ring, which allows for zero use of hand tools or barrel lock keys upon install—rings can be installed within seconds. 

Applicable Industries: 

Electric | Gas | Water