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Security Products for Telecommunications Utilities

The Advantage of Partnering with Highfield

Our telecommunications utility security products are a durable solutions that maximize equipment security and provide superior tampering protection. Our wide range of products are designed to protect your infrastructure: from telecom pedestal enclosures and cabinets to universal broadband enclosures, MDU enclosures, battery boxes and more. Our locking devices are made from durable materials with corrosion-resistant plating to protect outdoor telecom equipment and shelters year round.


#6 and #6A Barrel Lock and Key System for telecom enclosures and CATV

#6 Barrel Lock & Key System

Paladin Barrel Lock and Key System for telecom enclosures and CATV

Paladin Barrel Lock & Key System

Revpro Barrel Lock and Key System for telecom enclosures and CATV

REVPRO® Barrel Lock & Key System

Universal Padlock for telecommunications and CATV enclosures

Universal Utility Padlocks

Preloaded one-piece Padlock

Preloaded Padlocks

Integral REVPRO Padlock for outdoor telecom enclosures

Integral REVPRO® Padlocks

Barrel Lock Extractor Kit

Lock Extractor Kits

Seal mounts for telecom locking systems


Types of Telecommunications Enclosure Locks

Highfield manufactures a variety of locking systems that can be used to secure outdoor telecom equipment, CATV enclosures and broadband/fiber optic enclosures including:

Telecom barrel locks can be used to secure many different types of telecom pedestal enclosures and cabinets, and provide greater security than conventional barrel locks.

Highfield's Paladin barrel lock and key system is ideal for outdoor applications because its solid, sealed design eliminates the possibility of dust or moisture intrusion.

Highfield's proprietary REVPRO® barrel lock and key system features a pin tumbler design which provides the highest degree of protection against picking.

Highfield's #6 barrel lock and key meets interchangeability requirements with other manufacturers’ locks and keys.

Telecom padlocks are engineered specifically for use on utility distribution systems with two shackle heights available and special keying on request.

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