Barrel Locks & Keys

Highfield offers a variety of barrel lock and key configurations that provide a range of security levels for the utility industries. We design our barrel lock and key systems to provide a user-friendly experience and increased level of security above conventional barrel locks.

Use Cases | Benefits

electric icon gas icon telecommunications icon water icon Garrison barrel lock and key

Garrison System

electric icon gas icon telecommunications icon water icon revpro barrel lock and key

REVPRO® System

electric icon gas icon telecommunications icon water icon Paladin Barrel Lock and Key

Paladin System

gas icon water icon #4 barrel lock and key with basic plunger

#4 Basic Plunger System

gas icon #5 & #5A barrel lock and key with screw plunger

#5 Screw Plunger System

electric icon gas icon telecommunications icon water icon #6 & #6A barrel lock and key with secure plunger

#6 Secure Plunger System

Barrel Locking Hardware for Gas, Water & Electrical Systems

Highfield’s line of barrel locks and keys are manufactured to provide optimal levels of utility security at a reasonable cost through their unique key and plunger design. Their robust, ergonomic design incorporates a sealed face which eliminates risk of key breakage and lock malfunctions caused by water, dirt, and bug infestations.

Use Cases for Barrel Locks & Key

High-performance access and security solutions for the utility industry. 

  • Gas: plunger style barrel locks and keys for gas meters are designed to prevent unauthorized access in residential and commercial properties for safety and revenue protection. 
  • Water: plunger style barrel locks and keys for the water industry are designed to help prevent theft on residential or commercial properties and restrict water flow in case of emergency. 
  • Electric: barrel locks for electric meters secure the meter and receptacle to prevent unauthorized use of service.
  • Telecommunications: barrel locks for telecommunication and CATV equipment and cable boxes help protect against tampering and theft.

How does a barrel lock work? 

Barrel locks are resistant to picking due to the barrel’s ability to turn freely in an encapsulated housing. There are two different types of keys that can unlock a barrel lock: a screw type key or a plunger type key. When either type of key is placed in the keyway, the key clutches the barrel and releases the barrel’s catch on the ball bearings located within the housing.

Benefits of Barrel Lock & Key Hardware

The advantages of Highfield’s barrel locks and keys include: 

  • Easy installation
  • Security: Smooth plunger design and heavy spring for pick resistance
  • Strength: Barrel designed for strength and durability
  • Corrosion-resistant parts: Plated and case hardened components for long life and corrosion protection
  • Compatibility: Meets interchangeability requirements with other manufacturers’ locks and keys
  • Material: Construction available in stainless steel, copper, cadmium, or chromate finishes

Highfield also offers end caps for barrel locks in a variety of styles. Contact our team with questions, or explore all utility security products.