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The Advantage of Partnering with Highfield

Our products for gas utility providers are designed to provide maximum safety and security by minimizing theft of service and preventing gas meter tampering or bypassing. Our wide range of products include gas meter locks, gas valve locks, gas valve lockout devices and gas line locking plugs, as well as gas shutoff valves, gas meter swivels and other gas connector fittings. Highfield gas utility locks are made from durable materials for reliable protection and a long field life.


#4 Barrel Lock and Key System for gas meters

#4 Barrel Lock & Key System

#5 and #5A Barrel Lock and Key System for gas meters

#5 & #5A Barrel Lock & Key System

#6 and #6A Barrel Lock and Key System for gas meters

#6 Barrel Lock & Key System

Paladin Barrel Lock and Key System for gas meters

Paladin Barrel Lock & Key System

Revpro Barrel Lock and Key System for gas meters

REVPRO® Barrel Lock & Key System

Wing Valve lock for gas meters

Gas Valve Locks

Clam Shell Clamp for gas valve

Clam Shell Clamps

shackle lock and seal assembly

Lock Seal Assemblies

Lock and Seal Assembly

Shackle Lock Seal Assemblies

gas Meter swivel nut lock

Gas Meter Union Guards

gas meter connection nut clamp

Gas Meter Union Clamps

standard security gas pipe plug locks and caps

Locking Plugs & Caps - Standard

high security gas pipe plug locks and caps

Locking Plugs & Caps - High Security

Universal Padlock for Gas Utilities

Universal Utility Padlocks

Preloaded one-piece Padlock

Preloaded Padlocks

Integral REVPRO Padlock

Integral REVPRO® Padlocks

Barrel Lock Extractor Kit

Lock Extractor Kits

plastic plugs, end caps and seal mounts for gas utility applications

End Caps & Seal Mounts

Gas Safety Valves and Swivel Fittings

Gas Fittings & Safety Valves

"The partnership between SoCalGas Company/Sempra Energy and Highfield Rexnord has been a long and productive association. We have worked side by side for at least 20 years. We have called on Highfield to provide large volumes of meter security devices at an operationally functional cost and consistently provide product, when needed, reliably, without fail, and Highfield has delivered. We have asked Highfield to work with us to solve unusual meter security problems and Highfield has delivered.  Currently, we are working with Highfield to help us mature our meter security system into one that will meet our current challenges. A key element of this endeavor is to build an irresistible case for the system’s value and viability and Highfield is again working with us."

CSF Staff

Southern California Gas Company


Gas Meter Lock Types

Highfield manufactures many different types of gas meter locks that prevent unauthorized access:

  • Gas meter barrel locks are user-friendly and provide heightened security compared to conventional barrel locks.
  • Gas meter nut locks completely surround the meter union nut to prevent tampering or bypassing.
  • Gas valve locks for wing-style service valves provide maximum security and protection against the elements.
  • Gas valve lockout devices ensure a wing-style gas valve is locked in the closed position (can be installed with a barrel lock or a lock seal assembly).
  • Gas pipe locks / gas line plugs are designed to lock off open gas pipe ends with male or female threads (standard or high security models available).

Highfield also offers gas meter lock removal tools for fast and efficient removal of inoperative barrel locks.

Types of Gas Meter Connection Fittings

Highfield also makes several different gas meter fittings that connect gas meters with rigid natural gas piping systems on residential and commercial properties:

  • Fire safety gas shutoff valves stop the flow of gas to any building at the service entrance or gas meter.
  • Gas meter swivels and adapters connect gas meters with natural gas piping systems.
  • Gas meter nuts are used to offset meter swivels and other fittings - available in a range of sizes.
  • Gas meter nut plugs stop the flow of gas and protect the gas line from foreign material.

Gas meter connection kits include a swivel, safety shutoff valve and meter nuts - custom connection kits are also available.

How do gas fire protection valves and swivel products work together?

Swivel fittings for gas delivery lines increase the range of motion on both ends of a gas connector, which allows for a safer, longer-lasting connector. On the other hand, gas shutoff valves are manufactured to control gas flow with two types of flow rates: full on and full off functionality, or a flow rate unique to the application.

In some gas systems, swivels and gas shut-off valves are integrated to provide maximum accountability and control over gas flow in gas-fed applications that demand ultra smooth connections between stationary pipes and rotating machinery parts.

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