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The Advantage of Partnering with Highfield

Our products for the gas utilities industry are designed to provide maximum safety and security by minimizing theft of service and preventing meter tampering or bypassing. Our wide range of products listed below are made from a variety of material to protect all meter styles no matter the environment.


#4 Barrel Lock and Key System

#4 Barrel Lock & Key System

#5 and #5A Barrel Lock and Key Systems

#5 & #5A Barrel Lock & Key System

#6 and #6A Barrel Lock and Key System

#6 Barrel Lock & Key System

Paladin Barrel Lock and Key System

Paladin Barrel Lock & Key System

Revpro Barrel Lock and Key System

REVPRO® Barrel Lock & Key System

Cast Wing Valve Protector

Cast Wing Valve Protectors

Clam Shell Clamp

Clam Shell Clamps

Lockseal Assembly

Lock Seal Assemblies

Shackle Lockseal Assembly

Shackle Lock Seal Assemblies

Meter Union Guard

Meter Union Guards

Meter Union Clamp

Meter Union Clamps

Lock Plugs and Caps - Standard

Lock Plugs & Caps - Standard

Lock Plugs and Caps - High Security

Lock Plugs & Caps - High Security

Universal Utility Padlock

Universal Utility Padlocks

Preloaded Padlock

Preloaded Padlocks

Integral REVPRO Padlock

Integral REVPRO® Padlocks

Lock Extractor Kit

Lock Extractor Kits



Gas Safety Valves and Swivel Products

Gas Safety Valves & Swivel Products

How do gas fire protection valves and swivel products work together?

Swivel fittings for gas delivery lines increase the range of motion on both ends of a gas connector, which allows for a safer, longer-lasting connector. On the other hand, gas shutoff valves are manufactured to control gas flow with two types of flow rates: full on and full off functionality, or a flow rate unique to the application.

In some gas systems, swivels and gas shut-off valves are integrated to provide maximum accountability and control over gas flow in gas-fed applications that demand ultra smooth connections between stationary pipes and rotating machinery parts.

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