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Security Products for Water Utilities

The Advantage of Partnering with Highfield

Highfield provides water utilities the products they need to protect revenue by minimizing theft of service and preventing meter tampering or bypassing. Our wide range of products includes residential and city water meter locks, water valve locks, water pipe locks, removal tools and more. Highfield water utility locking devices are made from durable materials to protect all water meter styles no matter the environment.


#4 Barrel Lock and Key System for water meters

#4 Barrel Lock & Key System

#6 and #6A Barrel Lock and Key System for water meters

#6 Barrel Lock & Key System for water meters

Paladin Barrel Lock and Key System for water meters

Paladin Barrel Lock & Key System

Revpro Barrel Lock and Key System for water meters

REVPRO® Barrel Lock & Key System

water wing valve locking device

Water Valve Locks

Lock and seal Assembly for water meters

Lock Seal Assemblies

Shackle Lock and seal Assembly for water utility enclosures

Shackle Lock Seal Assemblies

Water Valve Guard

Water Valve Guards

standard security water meter Locking Plugs and Caps

Locking Plugs & Caps - Standard

high security water mter Locking Plugs and Caps

Locking Plugs & Caps - High Security

Universal Padlock for water utilities

Universal Utility Padlocks

Preloaded one-piece Padlock

Preloaded Padlocks

Integral REVPRO Padlock

Integral REVPRO® Padlocks

Barrel Lock Extractor Kit

Lock Extractor Kits

end caps, seal mounts and plugs for water meters and lines

End Caps & Plastic Plugs

"My experience with Highfield is very good. As a Waterworks Distributor, the products that we typically sell are the Highfield Locks & Keys. The customers each have a preference that they like and continue to purchase. Highfield's products are what we provide to them"

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Types of Water Meter Locks

There are several different locking devices used to secure water utility systems, including:

Residential water meter locks are installed on domestic water utility inlets, securing the water meter to the service line to protect against bypassing and reverse metering.

City water meter locks are installed on municipal water meter boxes to prevent tampering and to restrict water flow in emergencies.

Water meter barrel locks are designed to provide an increased level of security above conventional barrel locks with a unique key and plunger design.

Water meter padlocks are available with or without an integrated utility barrel lock and can be used to secure a variety of equipment in water distribution systems.

Water meter plug locks are locking pipe plugs and caps engineered to secure male or female pipe threads on open pipe ends.

Water pipe locks (water line locking plugs) permanently lock off open pipe ends and prevent unauthorized removal with two-piece construction and a freely spinning outer shroud.

Water valve locks are designed to lock out straight or 90° water service valves, including wing-style and Jones valves. 

Lock seal assemblies secure water utility pedestals and enclosures without using a key or hand tools, and are a durable replacement for disposable locks and seals.

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