Ringless Utility Meter Locks

Highfield offers a variety of Ringless Meter Locking Devices that are engineered to secure all styles of ringless meter sockets and CT cabinets regardless of material thickness.

Our products‘ design not only provides versatile installation and compatibility with our Barrel Lock and Key Systems but they offer maximum protection for electric utility equipment.

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electric icon Adjustable Minute Meter Guard

Adjustable Minute Meter Guard

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Integral Pan Tab Lock

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Minute Meter Guard

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Panel Locks

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Speedy Global Mount

Use Cases for Ringless Meter Locks

Highfield’s line of ringless meter locks eliminate unauthorized access to the meter enclosure to maintain safety and prevent theft.

Ringless meter locks are used frequently in residential utility applications to avoid electrical power interruptions. In addition to this, ringless meter locks are commonly leveraged in commercial utility applications such as traffic signals, parking lots, athletic field lighting, communications power distribution towers, and more. 

How are ringless meter locks different from meter locking rings?

Meter locking rings and ringless meter locks perform the exact same function. The largest difference between meter locking rings and ringless meter locks outside of their shape is how they’re installed—or the way the meter is secured to the socket. When a meter locking ring is installed on an electric meter box, the electric box cover is installed before the actual meter device, whereas when a ringless meter lock is installed on an electric meter box, the cover is removed prior to the actual meter device installation.

Working with the electrical box cover off during meter installation allows the electrician to easily identify short-circuits and other equipment defects prior to meter installment. 

Benefits of Highfield Ringless Meter Locking Devices

In addition to Highfield’s unique construction of case hardened steel to promote corrosion resistant plating, other ringless meter locking device advantageous features include:

  • Easy Installation
  • Two-Piece Housing: for full adjustment to material thickness.
  • Resistance: Impervious to hammer blows, sawing, and other forms of physical attack.
  • Safeguard: Highfield’s rings accommodate a range of seal types including but not limited to: metal or plastic sealing ferrules to eliminate risk of tampering. 
  • Compatibility: Accepts any standard length barrel lock
  • Material: Construction is available in case hardened steel finishes.

Applicable Industries: