Gas meter fittings for safety & security

Highfield manufactures a range of gas meter connections and valves including swivels, meter nuts, meter nut plugs, connection kits and emergency gas shut off valves for fire safety. Contact us for pre- or post-sale application and service. 

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Gas Valves

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Gas Meter Connection Kits

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Gas Meter Swivels

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Gas Meter Nuts

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Gas Meter Nut Plugs

advantages of highfield's gas meter connection fittings

Our natural gas meter fittings, swivels and valves are designed to improve fire safety, reduce the likelihood of gas leaks and extend the service life of gas meter components. Highfield also manufactures security hardware for utility meters to prevent unauthorized access, unsafe bypassing and theft of service.

Additional benefits include:

  • Precision machined for easy installation
  • Suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial & industrial gas meter applications
  • Robust testing at our ISO 9001:2015 facility ensures quality 
  • Expert support from our customer care team

Use Cases for Industrial Gas Valves & Swivel Parts

Highfield provides optimal quality and service longevity to all fire valve and installation hardware for gas meters no matter where they are located in the commercial or residential service.

  • Residential: Our gas meter connectors & fittings are compatible with standard residential gas meters.
  • Commercial: Highfield provides fire safety valves & accessories for commercial customers in the natural gas, home heating oil, utility & specialty markets.
  • Industrial: We offer customized solutions for industrial OEM customers for a wide range of safety & security needs. 

We can assemble customized kits comprised of our gas valves and swivels, guaranteed to fit each other precisely, ensuring a level installation of your gas meter.

See all gas utility hardware and security products or contact us with questions.