Fire Valves & Devices

In the event of a fire, Highfield’s industrial fire safety valves and parts will shut off the flow of gas at the service entrance or gas meter. 

Highfield can also assemble customized kits composed of our gas valves and swivels, guaranteed to fit each other precisely, ensuring a level installation of your gas meter.

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Fire Safety Equipment for Gas Meters

Highfield’s line of fire valve and gas safety parts are manufactured to eliminate unauthorized removal of gas meters and prevent unsafe gas meter bypasses for residential and commercial gas utility systems. All fire valves and related swivel products are designed to reduce the risk of fire damage by shutting off the flow of gas should a fire occur.

Use Cases for Industrial Gas Valves & Swivel Parts

Highfield provides optimal quality and service longevity to all fire valve and installation hardware for gas meters no matter where they are located in the commercial or residential service.

  • Residential Gas Equipment Parts - gas safety valves keep ignitable gases  away from flames for total property protection. 
  • Commercial Gas Equipment Parts - for commercial buildings heated by centralized natural gas piping, also referred to as district heat, gas safety valves help protect human life, preserve building structure in the event of a fire, and typically can lower insurance rates. 

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How do gas fire protection valves and swivel products work together?

Swivel fittings for gas delivery lines increase the range of motion on both ends of a gas connector, which allows for a safer, longer-lasting connector. On the other hand, gas shutoff valves are manufactured to control gas flow with two types of flow rates: full on and full off functionality or a flow rate unique to the application. 

In some gas systems, swivels and gas shut-off valves are integrated to provide maximum accountability and control over gas flow in gas-fed applications that demand ultra smooth connections between stationary pipes and rotating machinery parts.

Benefits of Highfield’s Industrial-Grade Fire Valves: 

The advantages of Highfield’s industrial gas equipment accessories and hardware include: 

  • Precise machining for easy installation
  • Automatic shut-off: spring-loaded internal plunger mechanism
  • Expert support: Pre-sale and post-sale application and service support by Highfield experts

Applicable Industries: