Gas Meter Connection Kits

Highfield's line of meter connection helps set the stage for a secure gas meter setup for domestic and commercial meters. All meter connection sets include safety valves, meter swivels, and meter nuts.

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Gas Safety Valves / Swivel Kits

Kit Gas Valve 403X10 & Swivel Kit
Kit-Swivel-1-1/4 MNPT X 30LT
1 1/4 X 45 LT Valve & Swivel


Use Cases for Gas Meter Connection Kits

Quick solutions for gas meter parts replacement and repair is easy with an all-in-one gas meter connection kits from Highfield. 

  • Residential gas meter kits - fit your gas valves and gas swivel parts precisely to ensure safe gas meter connections with both indoor and outdoor appliances.
  • Commercial gas meter kits - ensure the correct gas meter part sizes are in place and well situated in both rigid and flexible gas piping systems to avoid gas leaks, fires or explosions.

Benefits of Highfield Gas Meter Swivel Kits

Gas meter swivel kits from Highfield initiate fast, seamless part connection and ease of synchronization between gas safety valves, meter swivels, meter nuts to maintain a safe, secure environment around any gas application. 

For any individual gas meter parts that require replacement or repair, these kits come fully equipped with specific gas meter part sizes as a cost-effective option and can fulfill new gas application build requirements as well.

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